i've been posting a lot of older photos...but today i'm posting from today! i'm up-to-date!!! yesssss.
hair before michael and i got together
side view
my grams mask, isn't it awesome?! old school
me and my hair stylist
we lost it when i went to take a gulp of my whiskey and tea...dude, so much hair in it!
so awesome.
PHASE 1...michael called it "south american rainforest"
he also told me that i would NOT be able to walk into anywhere without getting a free mountain dew and slim jim.
i actually had to convince him to please cut the back and side burns off.
i looked a like elvis...he LOVED it.
still PHASE 1
dying over PHASE 1
so i got him to cut the back off, but still he wanted the sides.
i made him cut it allllll off. LOOK AT THOSE BURNS?!
i was loosing it over the fact that he wanted me to keep them.
PHASE 3...final phase
me today...it may need a trim or two, but i'm down with how ridiculous it looks.
i think he did a really great job! ha.
thought i was gonna grow it long, but i'm sooo not patient enough for it.
front of final phase.
i do look like a boy, i do.
we dedicated this cut to mom. she always loved me with short hair.
maybe i didn't do it how she would have liked, but...her birds now have LOTS of hair to make nests with. she would at least like that.
him on the left, me on the right...
we may have had one or two more...no one knows.
well, except for mom.


noirohio vintage said...

YES!! it looks so good mama!

Elsa said...

I'm a little bummed you didn't stick with South American Rainforest, but you still look HOT HOT HOT anyways! As ususal. god.

Anonymous said...

The hottest cut on the block! Your stylist is fabu! Kiss both of you for me!♥ I had to type a verification word in....chircula! WTF?

liss said...

I posted an anonymous comment...ooh, so mysterious of me. xoxo

Lizzy said...

yes!! elvis!!
you need to grease it all up!!
you be the purdiest girl on the block!!

carrie said...

what the FUCK, dude?
that is absolutely incredible.
i am definitely driving out to ohio just for a custom michael.

Rackk and Ruin said...

amazing. . . backyard haircutting sessions are a common occurrence at my house. . . i pretty much cut alll of my friends' hair, and my own. I just did the big chop too (and can;t stop taking more bits off daily. . . always unsatisfied! but it feels so good!! You look fantastic, not a boy at all!