green thumb

morning glory

she used to think these looked like fairy hats.
i love these

this fern is one of my favorites. ..
oak leaf hydrangea...she babied this one. loved it so.

the hummingbirds looooove this one!
passion flower...it's insane looking. so rad.
bee balm, i think....hummingbirds love this one too. they fly around in a circle, drinking out of each petal.
some sort of cone hydrangea

these just bloomed yesterday!

sweet pea
and this guy...hmmm...it's flower is the white ball...so awesome, and so weird.

mom could grow things like no other.
she loved them all sooooo very much. put her heart and soul into these guys.
the photos here don't even scratch the surface of plants we have at this house.
she was amazing in the garden. and out of it.

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