celebration of her life.

the wednesday following moms passing was when we had her celebration.
jim sarver (maggie, one of my best friends from ohio, her dad) helped us set up an amazing little get together. some people say there were over 400, some say over 700..i'm not sure how many loving people were really there. it was incredible to see how loved she was/is. there was a line circling the barn going out into the woods of people wanting to show their respect to our momma/our grams/and us 5 kids. is was beautiful. my friends and moms friends came together; they brought food, grilled hot dogs, made ice cream, ... there was anything and everything...ohio people know how to do it!!! :)
us 5 kids are so lucky to be surrounded by so many openly loving people. so super lucky. we couldn't have done what we wanted to do if it wasn't for them.
we decided that we wanted it to be a party for her, a celebration of her life. not some super sad event, she would have hated that. ... i didn't get to take too many pictures, it was weird for me to even take these, but it was a wonderful coming together of her friends and family.
i thank everyone who was a part of it, everyone who sent flowers, cards, money, love etc. ...
we are loved.

this painting was done by one of my best friends, adam jackson, and his girlfriend, brianna sargent. brianna did the painting and adam helped with making it feel like my mom. ... adam knew her for almost 15 yrs. brianna has never met her, and just from the stories adam told her, she felt the need to make something special. ... this painting is incredible. looks just like mom. it's almost scary. :) all of us love it. i talk to it a lot
(weirdoooooo, i know, but i do)
on the back of the painting it says:
In loving memory of Linda Lee
A beautiful flower amid the delicate sea
remembered loved ones will never leave
our hearts, our thoughts, our memories...


she is loved.