avett shoot

well hello cracker.....
day one of shooting...the avett fans are like no other. they are amazing!!! they made my job MUCH easier.
leo directing. so rad.
scott's little girl eleanor
this is the front window of the mini van that cheater and tommy drove to NC. it collected more and more trash during the week. beautiful, just beautiful.
scott's chickens
day 2 of shooting. crew crew crew.
lighting guy, steve...he volunteered his time, because he loves the avetts. COME ON!!! so cool. he's just chillin with Bob and Sammy.
scott in the van, mike shooting
pete and cheater
scott, leo, travis, seth, mike, some guy, joe, bryan, pete and some other dude
um, i met this guy, and he rules
sammy teeth
bob and sammy mid-lick
dane, our hero
travis and pete sleeping in the car
steve, cheater, bryan, tommy, keith
and more beautiful cows.
(let's face it, i took horrible pictures. please forgive me.)


Elsa said...

Chickens and babies and music and cows and crackers.....looks lovely.

Lizzy said...

i like sammy teeths