cinci- to meet old and new friends

this little bug was along for the ride, west milton straight to cincinnati
old friend = celine
ahhhhhhhhhhhh...NEW FRIEND ALERT = hugh
(im so in love with this man, it hurts. please don't tell Billy)
old friend = kitano
new friend = um, i think her name was sister. she's cute and so shy. but hers loves to play with ANYTHING!
me and my man hugh. man o man...just look at him.
kitano playing with my fake rabbits foot
pheasants...just little babies. jon is raising them.
hugh LOVED them. i think he maybe wanted to bees playing with them. ha
painted stairway. i love it.
living room. all ready for something.
this cracked me up. jon's brother nick has eggs (that have been in there since he moved in), pickles, bacon, milk, soda, beer, butter...STRAIGHT OHIO!!!
we biked to the farm jon and friends run.
very pretty, but i wish it was light out so i could really see. still awesome.

just picking things and eating them....michael + jon = hilarious

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