the scout turned 1

SØREN SCOUT turned one, and 
i was invited to celebrate.
the scout wanted to play with his pops head on a stick the whole time!!! he loves heem diddy!! (and heem mimmy)
blue cake on his face, i love this shot.
the ship was celebrating too.
elsa b and mackenzie lee creations.
an mx wall
how beautiful.
another mx wall
walter (the diddy) on skype
i told him to hold still for this one.
how cute is he. 
søren scout on the left, jared singing and playing the guitar, walter on the computer, mx in her 50's housewife dress
at this moment, i kinda wanted to die. 
how beautiful listening to jared play/sing.
all of us, and look at the scouts hand. 
he loves it toooooooooo. <3
the back of the b
me, on the tree swing (i want one)
and i want an axe.
i tried it out. i'm pretty good. ha.
this candle just cracked me up.
love it

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Elsa said...

this was such a good day. one of the best i've had in a while. thanks for walking home with me, the long way.