billy and a new cardboard toy

recycling another box for my man.
btw, those are not my oreos or my hanky panky!
i'm not eating sugar for a month!!!
so suck it.
he was watching me cut/tape the box.
he was so psyched...
look at those idiot teeth.
oh and please notice Rennie's eyes in the background.
(smelse, like you said...there's always one of'em watchin from a distance...hahahahahaaaaa amazing)
i guess hims daydreaming.

attacking the leopard tail, and lookin at hims mom.

um, scuze me...look at hims toes.
i'm even in love with the back ones.



jamie said...

look at how stupid that cat is.

Warsaw Made said...

that box doesn't even look fun at all. my cats definately don't hate me cause i'm not as good a mom as you....
p.s. that is totes your hanky panky

estelluxx said...

yay what a cute kitttieeee!!!!!
a silly kitty
why do they love boxes so much?