i'm a sad otter

i'm in an awful mood.
people are mean.
so i thought i would gather some photos that made me happy.
sea otters.
i love them.

are those guys sea otters? 
hmmm...maybe just otters.
they are weird, and cuuuuute.


estelluxx said...

i lurve the otters

Stinky Tart said...

I feel your pain. I have been in a foul ass mood for the past week and I just wanted to squash people, and then squash em again to make sure they stay squashed.

The best thing I can find to do is plugging my brain into music that I love, that tends to relieve the pressure.

I also fucking super love otters, they (and sharks) are my favorite parts of aquariums and zoos. I wanna be an otter

noirohio vintage said...

chin up, cheer up!
much love coming you way..