carrie made me do it

somehow, when i'm with ms yotter, i end up 
acting like an idiot. i love her.
oh aaaaand, she gave me that ring.


Stinky Tart said...

that was fucking awesome. you rock miss mam

jamie said...

well, everyone that saw your picture who was like oh wow awesome, i just made them come watch this...jesus christ... 2 more shows 2 more shows 2 more show 2 more shows.

kenzaloo said...

at this point i'm wondering why in the heck i posted this. yotter....yotter....she gets me every time.

Anonymous said...


Elsa said...

i hate that ring. really. its ugly. i'm not even jealous.
your dancing is incredible.

Carrie Collins said...

um gross. love your shoe taps