RANDOM PHOTOS: moved from myspace to blogspace

look where that mug ended up?!
pretty sweet stance.
mayuu's going away party.
too many beers?
dude. really?! wtf. quality.
joon bug biting my lip. my o my.
photo by Lauren.
that is some HUGE dr.pepper lipstick.
i heart her!
chillin in L.A. with Lauren
stinky doggo
one of the best days of my life. drinking in the middle of the day. abby, abbey, noves, danny, alcohol, photo booth. i love this day.
ummm elsa is dirty.
hard day at work. oh man, smelse and nick. i heart you both.
oh eff, these were contour drawings.
this is the best, mostest fun ever! do it!!!
it will make you laugh.
i met that kitten for the first time, and that doggie, we became the BEST of friends.
mayuu xoxo
this was a little something i threw together for lizzy j.
what the heck was happening here?
at millers house. look at that kitty waving at me.
yes. that's me. what am i doing?
me, at work. with my sweet ID, where i look like a puppet.
i drew big boobs on that puppet too.
bermuda..what what
oh man, mayuu took this photo of me when we were in a photo class together. this is at least 5-6 yrs old. yessss.
so serious.
paul and i...college. where is that mug and where is paul?
one of my sweet birthdays
mx baby shower. katie and i
nova and i, she did my hair!!!
we were just working.
isn't this what work is?
liz. how do you manage to make me giggle with just one look.
just one?!
new years eve. dancing.
the night i lost my earring.
sadd saddddd
richard and i. yep.


noirohio vintage said...

DUDE. your brother gave me this INSANE sweater last night.. it's like a fucking cocoon.

anywayssss your photos always make me smile!

Stinky Tart said...

your photographs make me smile

Elsa said...

richard? and you? you and richard? why do you have to show off?