things made by my momma

a seek and find box: she filled it with all kinds of cool stuff for George and Matilda...on the back is a list of all the things inside. so the kids can try to find everything. Matilda is over it, cause she wants the gold alien out of there so bad. she said she can't even look at the box. hahaha...awesome.

fairy gardens: (her specialty) ... malissa said that mom wouldn't stop building things in this fairy garden for the kids. She said she had to yell at mom "you're going to miss your plane if we don't leave now"... and mom said "just one more stick"

look at that house...seriously?! so cool

this table is my favorite...it's perfect.

and of course the fairies and gnomes need a fire pit. duh.

5 kids: she made us 5 kids...and she filled us with lots of special stuff. i hope i'm as awesome as she was. i hope i hope i hope.

sweet mermaid paintings: she was good right?! i mean, come on. those mermaids are good. reeeeeeal good!!!
painted them for miss wren

shrinky dinks: who's mom makes shrinky dinks you ask?! mine. so cool.

that one is of matilda when she was a baby. yesss


killerdeer said...

hi, i'm mackenzie and i rule. my mom also rules forever and ever. i am so cool cause my mom is so cool in my heart and everyone elses hearts too. my mom should have a museum dedicated to her and her awesomeness. it will be a great tourist attraction and in all the art history books.

kenzaloo said...

oh killerdeer, thank you.
hi, i'm killerdeer...and i'm sooooo cool. and i just am cool. and i'm cool. and everyone should know that. and people who don't know that suck, and people who don't think that are the dumbest.

maliss said...