meet our kitties

Lola a.k.a Doo Doo, Doo Doo Face, Doodey, Fluffy, Beast, Poofy, Lola-roons

Loves: cat nip, HER MOM, kisses on the lips, eating plants, meowing at her moms bedroom door, drinking water from sinks, getting fur on everything, attacking billy and rennie

Hates: when you touch her belly, when her mom won't open the bedroom door, when her mom trims her nails, and when she doesn't get her way (which is rare), gunner, pillows

she's the boss in this house. well, at least the boss of her mom. :)
she's the kind of cat that everyone wants to touch, cause she's so soft.
she will roll around on her back, show you her white fluffy belly and meow, but WATCH OUT, cause this puss with attack as soon as you touch her!! oh aaaaaand, no matter what, if she's ticked beyond belief and attacking you, you can always kiss her face. she won't bite you when you're kissing her lips. her looooves kisses.

Billy "the bandit" Sue a.k.a. BooDoo, Biddee, Handsome Man, The Most Handomest, Robert, Bill, Steve, Rob, Robbie, Sir, Coon

Loves: dubs bed, sleeping, playing with fake mice, or playing in general, cat nip, going out on the roof deck, eating tampon strings or the tails off his fake mice, boxes, snacks, getting footprints all over the bathroom sink, drinking water out of the toilet, watching the toilet flush, rennie, scratching the walls, watching birds, sports, jumping off the walls

Hates: his mom, his moms bed, cuddling with his mom, being bored, his mom bringing him in from outside, parties, and not being able to watch the toilet bowl flush

He's basically dreamy. he's bad, but he's kind of like a dog. he listens when he wants to. he fetches when he wants to. he jumps off the walls alllll the time. He has the highest pitch meow ever. most of the time his mouth is a little bit open. He doesn't sleep in his moms bed ever (except for the other night, and that was rare). His mom hates that he doesn't sleep with her. He sleeps in gunner and dubs beds (they love that he sleeps there..eff).

Rennie The Knife a.k.a Renaldo, Boozer, Boozoos, Pop, Ren, Moon, Moonie, Miss Moon, Minnie Moons, Beez, Opossum, Vibrating Football

Loves: her mom, suckling (which i love and her mom does not), coins, tampons, billy, frisky licks, the roof deck (which she's not really allowed on, cause she turns into a crazy looney), shaking while meowing, me, birds, smelly boys t-shirts, tucking her toes, ice cream, yogurt, butter, and well...food in general, laser pointers

Hates: Lola, being held, loud noises, being stuck in trees, crowds

Rennie was found in a tree, soooo that basically sums up her attitude toward life. PRETTY SCARED OF EVERYTHING!!! She rules though. and she wins people over pretty quickly. She's a lover for sure, but she just doesn't know how to open up. her and billy are the best of friends. lola is her enemy. she suckles on your t-shirts while kneading on your belly. Her tail moves a lot, kinda like a snake, when she visits (and when she visits it's something real special). i love miss moon.

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