oh hi there

met these friends at PAWS on 2nd and Arch.
you can go and visit them/adopt them if you want!!!
yep, you can just walk in and hang out with them.
they need it, and they would love it
him a little man.

those black and whites...they loved me.

oh, scuse meeeeee...why you soooo very concerned?!
(i love this kitty)

i love this kitty too...he needs help with hims eyes.
he was soooo very sweet.

she needs help with her one eye. but her looks awful cute winking at me.

that's the tiny man biting me.

and this kid...this kid kept facing the window the whole time i was visiting.
at the end, i introduced myself. and still, the kitty was unimpressed.

don't you just love em? i do.

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Lizzy said...

the biters little tongue is licking a little tooooo