halloween is fun

i forgot how awesome pumkin carving was...
the gang

alex making friends with lola...hahaha...no one makes friends with lola.

gunners pumkin, i love the stache

tricia, in her mask from when she was a little girl

pumpkin by Chris and Laura...so awesome.

these handsome cupcakes were made by Chris Kline. for him and his girl. aw, love.

this guy was made by Matt

tiny kin made by tricia's friends...i love this one...it's sooo fun

this skeleton pumpkin was made by bill, glitter teeth (that you can't see) by me.

robot pumpkin made by RD

this cupcake was made for matilda wren, by tricia face!!!
it's a ghost!!! boo :) xoxo

tricia's pump

the pumkin family


oh my...heeeee big.


maliss said...

THOSE PUMPKINS ARE WORLD CLASS, Lou!!!!! Wow, unreal. And thanks, Tricia for the cupcake!! HAPPY WEEN!

yttr said...

jc, how'd y'all know how to cut up pumpkins so good??