christmas in ohio

christmas eve..we made birthday posters for mitchell's girlfriend.
grams made her a card (i'm most jealous of that)

just look at her. ... man o man, sooo cute!!!
this is the poster that i made, and that my mom had to help me with..cause i SUCK at making posters. SERIOUSLY...look at the "birthday"...what the fuck was i thinking???
oh no biggie, and this is michael's poster...mine compares...NOT!
this is mitchell's poster, it says "happy birthday my love" how cute is that?! he added glitter too.
grams' card "happy happy happy birthday, someone stole the cake, darn those cats!!"
this is the inside of the card...look at the cats. oh my! i love the cats eating the cake!
don't worry, i zoomed in on it for everyone!
a west milton house full of lights. <3
rad building in dayton!!!
this is where tonya and mitchell live. sooo cute.
this is their tree. they spoiled the shit out of each other.
this is tara, tonya's dog. she's ten yrs. old and real real good.
tavis and adam, playing wii tennis.
cookies made by carly!!! they were really good. decorations were the best!!!
adam and i
cornhole...mitchell and adam
jesse and michael...it was amazing watching these fuckers play. 
so competitive!!! MCALPIN BOYS WON!! WOOP WOOP
by the fire, which was the place to be, until i stepped in dog shit.
grams staying warm.
tara and tonya. amazing.
just thought i'd snap this for elsa real quick! awesome painting
this was a house that my mother insisted on taking me to see. 
full of plastic flowers. incredible.
indigo didn't want me to take a picture of her, so...they turned their backs for the pic
and she covered her face for this one.
mitchell and tara kissing.
my-my-my this man is HANDSOME!!! his name is remus, and he loves his dad and his ball. he's sooooooo amazing. i wish he was mine mine mine. but he's brad's doggie. i spooned with him, and he's really good at it.
drawing and telling stories. fun
adam and i...again
indigo stole this from grams in the white elephant christmas, one of those needle things...i forgot about those.
wow, grams got this hot number. zoinks.
mom got a scarface doll. woop woop
brad was pretty stoked on this parcheesi game
i got two potatoes. um, cool?
michael got socks and some snacks.
nick got a "travel pack".....this was what michael brought for the white elephant.
i took a close-up (condoms, a stick, rubber gloves, a sticker, toilet paper, a candy cane, and tennis ball, and used toothpaste) wow
remus and tara...a little bit tired and miserable. :)
ohio sky. i love it and i miss it.
jeremiah, adam and michael head-banging for the photo
and again
brushing my toofs in my favorite bathroom....home sweet home
michael and jon ... awesome.
me and my momma. (nice zit mack)
i forget what i was supposed to call this photo...they were sooo into what was on tv
early morning jon...taking me to the airport.
tired-cranky-early-morning-needing-coffee me.
bye ohio.

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