nyc...again...i know.

free people rented out this studio for the week to shoot in. 
a really rad view of the city. 
and this window in general...is just cool.
brooklyn. what what!!
anyway, look at the blue/green guy. he rules.
brooklyn again. 
just monica. no biggie. 
oh the greatness of dollar stores!!! I LOVE THEM.
this is sushi, she lives at Hallmark.
this is mike, and his sausage. WINK!!!
and a close-up if you wanted one. 
this little party is where mike got his "sausage". 
thanks to john's momma!! :)
and this amazing wall art in john's apartment. ... amazing. 
come on...AMAZING! 
thank you.

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Lodo Grdzak said...

NYC baby! Rock it don't knock it 'cause we've got it in all 5 boroughs. Enjoy your stay y'all!!!