a new random for the end of december

some random goodnesses...
the shoestrings are making a heart kinda... and that little scrambles-love wanted in the photo tooooooo
i got my hair "trimmed"...but instead i think, wait, i'm pretty sure instead of a "trim" she "CUT THE FUCK" out of it. hmmm, just a guess.
this is how billy uses the toilet paper. 
these are little sugar cubes that linds got for me on the jamie lidell tour. :) she thought of me when she saw them. i love'em!
the kitties find the sun spot on the kitchen counter to lay in. 
maybe i love to smell their fur, all warm from the sun.
JACKPOT!!!! i found alllll these mice/toys under the stove. amazing.
notice the little mexican doll magnet, he stole that from the fridge.
he was squeeking while i was pulling these out from underneath, and when he saw the pile, he just kept taking new ones, and tossing them down the stairs. he was quite the happy man.

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