it started out real real good!!!
miss gunner and i won the pictionary game!!!
billy and i kissed each other.
zack and i made that bandana...no big deal really
oh yah, wait...just look at that proud man.
zack and the gunns
zack and ansel, oh they are having so much fun.
another clan of people i know. cute huh?! yes.
andrew, betsy, linda loo, and melissa
me, after midnight
zack, after midnight.
dub and sandy..dude, after midnight.
yes, the gals one more time...
oh, and why not one more time.
linda loo and her boo
ha...look at'em, after midnight.
posing with zack.
um, zack rules.
um, i rule?
me, trying to ruin dub and ansels new year moment.
i think i ruined ansels...but dub wasn't fazed.
so stupid.
the next morning...sandy...lookin gooooooood!!!
and miss lola...enjoying the jan. 1 morning sun.

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