ju (lia) party ...


mike frank.

best everrrrrr = gunnnnnerrrrrrr

birthday girlz with their bff necklaces on!!! glad you loved em!

gunner called it, she knew these cakes were gonna taste like Bill Knapps, and...
well folks...she was right!!! YUMMMM

BETH!!! she oh so pretty!!!

yes, these were cupcakes!!! MALISSA!!!!! these were cupcakes!!!!!

my gunn

julia and lila!!!

lia, very proud of getting a My Little Pony for her birthday!!!

Mike serving pizza...he was basically our dad all night. i love you Frankie.

a man who does it all...he even took care of the Pony.

Mike and Kevin = two of my all time favorites

BURGER PARTY------------

i got to eat it! yessss

BLACK LIGHT PARTY-------------

dude, lila rules.

LIA PARTY!!!-------------------

PINATA PARTY-------------------

lia, gettin set up to swing.

julia, after swing.

ryan, basically knowing that he is about to murder the pinata!

Lila, very happy about the candy spill

Kevin psyched too.

oh wait, what do we have here? one of the birthday girls T O-ED at the fact that there was candy. hahahaha, awesome.

cute, brother and sister party.

fun fun fun


maliss said...

u r gettin yer party on, girl! those burger cakes are fantastic! Who was resposible for their attendance? Mike Frank IS the modern man, he can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan....

maliss said...

Oh remember how Knapp's cakes used to have lolli's on top? So cool. And I love that ice cream cone pinata. cute. And did I read it right? Was one of the bday ladies ticked that there was actually candy inside?

kenzaloo said...

yaaaah, see mouse...lia hates candy. she said she doesn't eat it, and look...she commented, she wanted bouncy balls! hahaha...that would have looked amazing falling everywhere!!!