i know i know i know...

so, i know that this place seems insane, but the girl that works there is super hot, super nice, and will give you samples of soaps wrapped up like meat. that rules.
second of all, that girl that helped us, she knew all types of good smart stuff about soap. i didn't buy anything, but if i did, this is what it would have been.

glitter soap? really? yes please. oh, and btw ... the glitter doesn't stick to your body, it melts away. ... melting glitter.....mmmmmm...i love glitter.

ok ok ok OKOKOKOK... this too drunk to #@%$%^& thing, it's effing rad. seriously.
for all those with allergies, you should get one, and once a week use it!!!
you throw it in the tub while showering and it fills the shower with the best smells ever. it opens sinuses and stuff, no joke. the hot girl showed us how it worked, and tricia bought one! COOL RIGHT?! I KNOW.


Buy Me a Soda said...

that pink soap is called "flosty gritter."

I love that you like that place.

maliss said...

Amazing. I've got a pain deep inside my yearning spot....mama wanna go get a taste of that funness. Dissolving GLITTER!!??!?!?! WTF???? true love.

kenzaloo said...

frosty gritter rulz!!! maliss, you need to go. wren would love it too. ... and that one soap that smells all good, maaaaan, it's good.