eagles and pizza hut, nbd

went to go see a baby eagle aka eaglet ... and it's parents
we ended up seeing them, but you will not see them here...i couldn't photograph them silly, they were too far away. i loved them.

in the buttercup family

just a turtle

tony and tricia, in love, looking at the eaglet

found this kid just taking a walk.

see that group of trees all the way over there? THAT'S where the eaglet and it's parents live. wish them luck!!

in love, and very HAPPY about what's about to be in their tummies.

this was my personal pan. dude, no joke, it was soooo good. i mean, it is America's Favorite Pizza.


tricia said...


Emily Glaubinger said...

omg. i should have been there.

maliss said...

ok Tricia and Tony...adorable. Tony's face as Tricia is taking her first slice....amazing. Your PPP....sweet!

tricia said...

thanks malissa! oh goodness he nice and cute. and he loves when i talk in my cat voice! Em- get yer ass over here and we can bird watch!