please excuse me,

i haven't been keeping up with my blogs at all. i've been so busy. sweating, applying for jobs, working on a photo show (coming up Aug 9), packing, not exercising, moving, cleaning, stressing, loving, finding Dennis (5wk old kitten), finding Dennis a home, still cleaning, trying to get in the groove of my new "for now" home, teaching myself how to manage time (i suck at it, and am not good at seeing my friends during all this or seeing my family), hustling like crazy, cleaning more, babysitting,  drinking whiskey when i can, seeing my family, not seeing my beautiful family (imissyou), going to the Catskills, not staying in the Catskills long enough, crying (because i'm still cleaning, and i didn't get to stay in the Catskills long enough and i didn't get to see my family), laughing at my amazing boyfriend, kissing my Billy cat, daydreaming of tan butt cheeks and hugging my family (squeezing the CRAP outta John Hollis and Andie Linn), bla bla bla bla bla . ... ... life is life right now. i'm lucky. .... come to my show at Benna's @ 8th and Wharton in Philly on Aug. 9 ... I'd love to see you there. xo

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