a lot has happened in iphone world. ...

 pepper and smith love

 ohhhh.....Dufala brother, love.

 little kids helping in my garden, love.

 yes, more Dufala brother love.

 unexpected still life 

 uh, duh. love

 cool kid stuff

 the babies, Andie and John. LOVE

 THE GYPSY BEAR DOGGIE aka Roma, love.

 grams, love love love

 where i grew up, home. love.

 yeah, Billy the cat, love.

 tuna sandwich made with edible plants, best. love.

 yah, i'm the luckiest girl in the world. gift from my boyfriend. love.

 girlfriend love.

 found and fell in love with Dennis. ugh, love.

 stickers and kittens, life doesn't get much better than that. love.

 friends that rule and flowers that rule from boyfriends that rule. love.

 duh. love.

 plant love.

 drawing by George, one of the best things i've ever been given.

 best studio mate. love

 mom turned 66. love love love love.

 oh, and Calvin found my snaggle. love!

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Buy Me a Soda said...

um. I'm just seeing all of these in succession. wteffffffff! calvin grabbin snaggle is the best. xoxoxoxo