um, meet John Hollis. (he's super da beedethst)

sorry ahead of time for all the beautiful baby pictures. hahaha, NOT!

 he's got a few rolls. ugh.

 he's, OF COURSE, the first thing everyone wants to see in the morning!

 seeeee, even kids with legos and candy and art supplies and "stew", want to hang out with him in the morning!!!!

 him balances on marshmallow toes.

 i couldn't stop staring at him. he's so fricken beautiful.

 um, thanks to JB Cashman for this one!

 she was obviously obsessed.
(ok, fine, we all are)

 really?!?! really?!
geeze louize this dude is great.

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mouse said...

SOOOOOO Tasty! We love us some JHM!!!