PDDC for the day.

My friend Joanna Quigley and I went to PDDC for the day:

 we got to see amazing art.

we got to watch amazing people MAKE amazing art.

we got to help make art!!

i got to see their super rad work spaces.

everyone was so super psyched to see Joanna (she used to teach dance at PDDC on the regular and this was her first time back in a long while)
it was incredible to watch everyone love on her.
(they didn't leave me out)(not even for a second)

Sarah's desk. just beautiful.

photo fun, the best.

Joanna moved and grooved with all of us, and it ruled too, duh.

Emilia with her bros.
She runs the Cultural Arts Center at PDDC, and like i said, the art is THE RADDEST!
(right now they have an exhibition at the Magic Gardens, called Beyond Boundaries, it will blow your mind)

I'm going to start collecting some art supplies to donate, so if anyone has (toilet paper rolls, paper, pencils, pens, markers, colored pencils, fabric, paint, newpaper...art supplies in general) that you're getting rid of, holler at me.

this program is super cool.
you wanna know more?


Welcome said...

jeeps, that is some amazing art.
Joanna is awesome... this post just led me to look at her website and blogs for the past hour(s?).
Also Emelia is a total babe for every cool reason.

mouse said...

Salt N Pepa Here!!! This is one of my all-time fave posts, Lou. I am sending you art supplies pronto! I love it. I love all the people. I love the teachers and I love that you spent time there. I LOVE IT ALL!!