xo java sparrow xo

ever since my Momma left i do things like this:

I miss her, so everything reminds me of her, and well. ... yes, she was so magical, that she's everywhere. 

but, Mike and I were getting ready to hike Diamond Head, and before we got onto the trail we looked at the signs of what birds etc. we would see on the trail, and I said to Mike, "Oh, I definitely want to see that guy!" (while pointing at the Java Sparrow)
He smiled in his sweet way, and we started on the trail. As soon as our feet hit the sidewalk, this little java sparrow landed in the tree above us. I was like "Mike! LOOK! It's the Java Sparrow, the bird that I wanted to see!"... he was all chill and cool, smiled and said "I'm glad we got to see that dude, I was hoping we would as well."
It stayed in the tree long enough for us to get a good look, and for me to talk to it in my weird voice and for me to take this photo.
We didn't see any other birds the rest of the hike, well, one zebra dove, but we saw those dudes everywhere in Hawaii, so it didn't count.
.... needless to say, I thought it was my Momma saying "Hi" and letting me know that she's with me, and that she's happy.

i miss her. bad.


mouse said...

that was her, loola, that was her flitting in to say hi. she never went to" hawhya" so she decided to go with her babiest bird to check out the situation over there. It was her. I know you miss her bad. Sorry, sah. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxooxxoo

kenzaloo said...

i know you miss her bad too sah. sorry bout it. xoxoxoxoxoxoxo