The Flower Show


 above is the plant that won first prize.
it's a fern. it's so cool.
anyone that can keep a fern alive this long definitely deserves first.

 a fern. and it's so beautiful!

 rad and weird.

looks like an underwater friend.

 i need above plant.

another underwater creature.
love love love love it!

 I thought he kinda looked like he was throwing gang signs.

(reminds me of the plant in Dennis the Menace, the movie)
This had yet to bloom, and from what I hear, you don't want to be around when they do, because it smells really bad to attract bugs and such. pretty incredible.

 beautiful wonderful Angel Wing Begonia.

just look at him!!!!!


 these 2 rule.

 I had to take a picture of her, cause look at her hair.

 second place... beautiful right?!

the flower show was was pretty cool.
especially the contestants... that was my favorite!!!
so rad.


mouse said...

wow! thank you for those treats. First of all, her hair...totally you circa 1990....unreal hair. And those plants. WOWEE WOW WOW (in a Christopher Walken voice) I wanna go next time. That pitcher plant. That Dennis the Menace plant....holy shite! Love it.

Buy Me a Soda said...

DENNIS THE MENACE PLANT!!!! Now we're talkin.