debbie does marriage

(i can't take credit for the title of this post, it was all the Gunns)

hey, no big deal. i made her that bouquet and head thing.
uh, i'm taking orders if anyone is interested. (wiiiiink)

the girls! lessel, biggles, gunner, DEEBINS, and teej


belly dancing!!!!
(p.s. belly dancing is so hot!)

yah, so what, we love each other.
love this one.

fancy. ONLY THE BEST for deebins.

marakesh, s'good.

after party = pool.
(i think we were all still in bed by eleven) ha.

i love her.
i do.

we love you so.


mouse said...

last pic of Debbie w/ nose on you. True love! THE BEST!!!

kenzaloo said...

it is true love. but look at those teeth (mine). zoinks.