today, i know it was you.
you "touched base" or said hi, or something.
i could feel it.
so obvious.

short of the story is, i was talking about something you used to do that had to do with the Beastie Boys, ('so what'cha what'cha what'cha want') and well, the girl i was working with put the Beasties on the radio without me having a clue...
she didn't press play after, but before i told the story.
it made me smile huge time.

there are times that i feel like i look too hard for "you" in things.
but this is not one of those times, i wasn't looking at all...and there you were.

makes me cry, but MOTHERFUCKER, i know it was you.
thank you

even if you don't show up when i think i need you to...thanks for
coming o'ber through the effing Beastie Boys.

i miss you.


maliss said...

yep, she comed ober yer house, huh?

kenzaloo said...

yep. my house she did