meet Tucker, the St. Bernard

him and his Pop

ahhhhh, love

sticking his head IN the snow. like, IN IN INNNNNN the snow!!! he loves it.

ok, if you don't love him enough right this minute, read below.

St. Bernards wear barrels around their necks to hold brandy. they would look for stranded hikers in the alps, lick them, lay on them to keep them warm, and bark...the brandy doesn't freeze and it helps raise body temp. ... oh and btw the O.G. St. Bernards were bred by monks in the Alps.......
you want him now don't you?!
i do.


Buy Me a Soda said...


you takin pics of my favorite?!?!

oh man, i love that stinky bastard.

maliss said...

Love the barrel story....btw what does O.G. mean?

kenzaloo said...

O.G. ... original! :)