Kung Fu Necktie...

i went for the first time last night. 
i had an enjoyable time. saw some fun art.
and kissed an amazing doggie face!!!
above is a portrait of Buckley by the lovely Amber Lynn (his mom)...
and under that portrait are Buckley's victims.
yep, i'm afraid he killed allllll those guys.
(amber lynn = amazing)
oh well LOOK! that bees Buckley himself.
you should see his underbite. it's the best.
well...this beauty caught my eye.
a gummie flag.
what you don't know (but now you do) is the photo above...
well, it was planned out. thank you!
photo by: Mackenzie McAlpin and Elsa B Shadley
Dollar Bill Art by: Nick Paparone
i love it.
we'll leave you with a photo of the back of my head.
willie nelson style.
cool? i'm afraid not.


tricia said...

hell yeah willie!love you!!

lynn. said...

aw man, i was there and totes missed. ya. must've left early to go home. booo.