h8club vs cultfiction
nick gage and barbed wire.

mad man pondo throwing a chair and not caring.
alex got his fork. 
(whatever that means. hahahahaaaa. jokes.)

pizza cutter...wtf
h8 club 
nate hatred

h8 club won. he's chillin.
oh my....
jamie on the left, alex on the right...
gossiping about wrestling. awesome.
thumbtack jack getting introduced by nick gage (in sweats)
thumbtack jack vs danny havoc
there was glass involved. 
i have good video, i'll put one/two up.
dude, thumbtack jack lost.
(my own opinion...i think he got fucked up (this is minus him going through both glass pieces) when danny havoc jumped right onto his chest from the ladder...i have that on video too. it looked good. real good.)...oh yeah, and jamie said thumbtack jack was in some other match the weekend before or something...bla bla bla
ha ha ha
danny havoc won....
oh...i like danny havoc, just sayin
i'm glad he won


Anonymous said...

Gross, mack.
Just want to note that the word verification on this post is "proqueer". :)

Anonymous said...

By the way, this is yttr. Had 2 post anonymous on my crackberry.

lynn. said...

NATE HATRED. not nick. sorry. please get my bf's name right.