a night and a morning

i went to VOX and COPY with some gals...
acting like they are throwing up.
ummm....WITHOUT A DOUBT three of my 
nick and i...at Visuvio...he rulz
SO...this was what Gunner and I were doing at around
hmmmmmmmm, 2, let's say 3 in the morning!?
the next morning...i attended a valentine
art/craft show!!! thrown by MARGAUX KENT
and friends. next year i will sell things.
this is MX Kent...the little man that she is holding, you ask?!
well...that is SOREN SCOUT KENT.
i'm in love.
full body shot of the love
WARSAW booth, rad!
ms. elsa b shadley
i bought a rad headband from Kallie!!!
sheeeeeee is awesome.

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