i'm auntie monkey to them

i went to Fairfax, VA for a bit. 
visited some of the most important people in my life.
these are a few things that malissa found in one of her old wallets.
you know, when she was a little gal...she made these and carried them around, i thought they were amazing. (look at the money)
she found these "shopper's spree" certificates. 
wow! look at the amount of money they're for.
the above pics are real old. real cool too, look at the cars.
just all of us crashing in our big wheels. so good.
george running in the snow.
matilda wren and george oliver
my boots
auntie monkey and matilda 
look at his face. so sweet.
it's worth making bigger.
malissa made rice krispie treats, she mixed red and green marshmallows, which makes...um, tan/brown rice krispie treats...
they were still soooo good!!
a beauty.
just look at her. she put LOTS of chapstick on. 
fun times.
george acting like someone in star wars i'm sure.
nooo, i don't look scary at all.
jumping on mom and pops bed!!
look at matilda!
at this point, they were getting creative, 
because i had the camera out.
these two. love them.
heart earring on my face from matilda wren.
the family. look how sweet george is being. 
too much.
oh and...this is my friend Dillon. 
can you see him sitting there?
i love him.

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