Broad St. Run.

(this is where i get all cheezzzzy.)

My gal, Gunner, aka Abbey, ran the Broad St. run.
She DID IT!!!
(this post is super late, but i don't care)

aaaaanyway, while i was watching i got so many goosebumps and all teary-eyed, cuz i'm just like my mom, I MEAN, she would have been crying, which means i'm a little tougher, but still.      i thought it was such a cool thing. all these peeps, big/little slow/fast... WHO CARES,  out there runnin for a cause. givin me the goosebumps again just thinking about it.


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mouse said...

Gunner does rule. And you ARE just like your mama but a little tougher (member...she got her “balls too late”)