memories found

it's wild how watching a mother and a daughter interact melts me.
it always has, really.

and it's so funny how i claim to have no memory at all, of anything ever. ... but sitting across from these two, watching them in their world, took me back to my old world.

there is nothing on earth like a mother.
(i know, not all moms are the best, and not all moms even come close to being the best, i get it... but i had one of the best best bestests)

i'm not sure these two had any idea of how much i thoroughly enjoyed sitting across from them and just watching. i had to keep myself from crying, cause it's just so fucking beautiful. 
i want to go back to this moment, right here, but put my mom on that chair, and make me that little girl. 
just for one little minute.

thank you for sharing your time and love with me.