this one goes out to nicole!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Mouse, i would usually dedicate something like this to you, but Nicole is suffering in San Francisco, and she can't find good donuts. ...  like the ones we get in ohio... so i thought i would keep her going with these pics.)
the best, in the whole world.


nicole andrijauskas said...

AHHHHHHhh! No way. No way! Is it wrong to live vicariously through your donut encounters? New year's resolution #1: find gud donut. eat gud donut. xo

Buy Me a Soda said...

my friend in sf LOOOOVES bob's donuts in nob hill! and I think they're open 24 hours. :)

mouse said...

Nicole seems to need a good don more than I do but all I got ta say is NUTTIES FOREVS!!!!