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megan joy, from american idol is trying to raise money to put her album out ... i met her, she ruled. ... monica, my sister, toured with her and ... also says she rules. ... so, go check it out. if you can give money, do it... if not, just send good energy her way. xo

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nicole andrijauskas said...

i dont have tv so i may be sounding like an idiot, but was your sister a finalist on this show? Does she know Ryan Seacrest? And one final comment, I saw the movie the cove after you mentioned it and you're right, it's very, very sad. it is an interesting dilemma to behold seeing someone trying to correct an industry they helped create while fisherman know only they need to work and purposefully remain ignorant about the world outside. He came to sf a year or 2 ago for a screening/Q&A a few of my friends went to and others had seen it, so it makes me feel less worried knowing others know about it. geez, sorry for the long post. but thank you for the suggestion.