i just went to cleveland for my friends wedding. vook. that's her name. it was a good good time. i love ohio. i do. good people.

from the sky. rad. the city.
yes, still rad.
(i thought elsa would appreciate these) reminds me of a quilt. not that that hasn't been said before. but anyway...
one more, just cause.
shay's window.
sad pool. no more kids. fall.
this dude, look at him, behind the salt and pepper shakers...he would have been cool to talk to. his outfit is where it's at. shay's diner, cleveland, ohio...maybe i'll see him again someday. 
talk about attention problems...i was at dinner with the brides family, i was supposed to be paying attention to what was going on, but i was obsessing over getting a photo. getting a geese in a V photo... i can't tell you how many times i looked up at the sky when i was supposed to be listening to someones story. i'm a loser.
V bitch. (a little off, but ... it's still damn pretty)
oh those guys. fall.
no big deal really...just a rib house lounge. awesome!!!
still the rib house lounge... the buffalo logo up there. it's mine. i want it.
just, you know, the usual...ohio. 
dude was straight chillin on the steps eating chips. ohio.
me. laura's house. ohio.

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