These kids rule ... and so do their parents

I went to visit my sister Malissa two weekends ago. it was amazing. ... the kids are insane, and their parents ..... amazing. rad

above is something that matilda, my niece, drew. i asked her to draw a heart, and after she drew this much, she stopped and said "yah, i don't want to"..... incredible.

george, my nephew, decorated his shirt with stickers during dinner. we should all have sticker decorated shirts. life would be a bit nicer...i think.

Malissa tickling Matilda. ... before bed. ... i remember malis tickling the shit out of me when i was younger. holding my arms down with her knees and digging. digging as hard as she could... i would laugh but all i really wanted to do was cry. amazing

george on his bike...THIS IS HIS BIKE (granted it was matilda's)...but he picked out his basket.. and he couldn't be happier with it. he rides so fast, around and around the driveway.

george getting attacked/loved by his momma. he was sitting on the couch in undies and his shirt. kids rule

morning time, watching something...hoping that mom won't come down, cause she will turn the tv off. soon after this pic, jeff went back to bed, and i snuggled in.


this was them, standing on the X. this X gave the perfect position to look at the men on the light tower thing in their backyard.

before bed spiderman time. runny nose and all.

this is the mermaid that spiderman saves, isn't she pretty!!!

mermaid, momma, spiderman...

the green goblin (their poppa) coming to attack them.

george saving matilda from the green goblin. when he saved her he hugged her real tight. then he shot web out of his hand.

resting mermaid. beautiful!!! i want those shoes.

malissa usually has about two kids attatched to her.

george gave me these!!! they are still on my hoodie.

george fixing the screws under malissa's computer chair. banging and moving things around, he is addicted to those goggles.

playing outside. they were batting balls around, riding bikes, and malissa was drawing with sidewalk chalk. i think i was...well....i think i was just smiling the whole time.

i look like i'm 250lbs in this pic. but it was fun...yah, i look a bit bottom heavy. well, i guess i am. my face looks ridiculous. thank you very much.

could he be cuter? he was pouting. about the zip line. he didn't want to play anymore. so he went and got his glove. soooooooo frickin pretty!

matilda gave him an acorn hat. dude lives with all the fairies and gnomes. hurts.

playing with shaving cream on the kitchen table...brilliant. their pop let them. after that......
they made stone soup.... how cool is that??!!!
eating, looking at a toy catalog, and listening to their pop tell a story about spiderman.
she scratched herself, so i she needed her mom to give her a sling. seriously, i remember wanting stuff like that. wanting braces and glasses when you didn't have them. now, well... having braces and glasses? no thanks.
my farewell.... while the kids were asleep in the backseat. ha. they kind of cared that i left. i miss miss miss them. love love love them.

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